This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Magic Mirror, or if you didn't find the answer you were looking for, please contact us.

Magic Mirror

A complex multiplatform and multidevice product visualization solution. Your customers can try on your products, on their own pictures or selfies, right on your product`s front page. Decorative cosmetics, apparel, fashion accessories, eyeglasses, lenses are all covered.

The mirror was written in HTML5 markup language, that means all browsers, OSs and devices are supported and will be working flawlessly with the mirror.

A huge advantage of the Magic Mirror is that all makeover computing will be done by our servers, so your page won`t be impacted at all!
A simple source code is embeded into your page.

Using our virtual mirror on your product's front page for users is very easy.

  1. Click the "Add your photo" button and select your picture. (For the most accurate results please use a still straight front-on picture of yourself.)
  2. The Magic Mirror will automatically adjust the picture to your face or body, however, you may need to do further adjusting yourself in a later stage.
  3. The "Add your photo" button is now replaced with your virtual try-on picture. You can hover on it to view a larger version or click on the small edit button to re-adjust the product to your features.
Most modern web browsers are supported when virtually trying on glasses, including mobile browsers. We support Internet Explorer >= 10, Chrome >= 31.0, Firefox >= 27.0, Safari >= 7.0, iOS Safari >= 4.0 and Android browser >= 3.0.

Yes, we store the photos during the current browsing session (max 24 hours), after that the photos are deleted.

No, nobody can. Our system has no capabilities built in to keep, access or view any pictures of customers, only the customer has control over their own uploaded images.

In our oppinion, although, no doubt the industry of virtual try-on solutions is aiming toward 3D, but majority of them is FLASH or Desktop based and that is the solution of the past, with allways terrible investment return. To sum it up, 3D visualisation right now is operating in the „amuze depertment”, we operate in the „you will sell a lot more and make profit” one.

Integragion of Magic Mirror

  1. You need to create your free or paid account on virtooal.com
  2. Place the widget code on your product's page
  3. Integrate your products (set up the color/photo) in our admin

Our main goal is that our apps and services meet all your needs. So if you need any help with matching your design with our apps, integration, we are here to help. Just email us at [email protected] and we will team up with you to make your app look great and unique!

Yes, it does. Since the mirror is integrated by embeding a source code, basically just some space is necessary on your product`s page, where the mirror can be fitted.

<script charset="utf-8" id="gallery-widget" src="http://widget.virtooal.com/{your username}/{your API key}/{language}/{product id or sku}" async> </script>
<div class="virtooal-widget">
<div class="gw-container"
data-modal_color = "{color}"
data-plus_color = "{color}"
data-modal_opacity = "0.8"
data-thumbwidth="{width in px}">

This code should be embeded on your product's front end page. All parenthesises will be replaced automatically, as you set up your settings and copy the code from your user account admin on virtooal.com, except the {product id or sku}. This need to be replaced on your site programmatically with your current product id. If you are not sure how to replace this, please ask your webmaster or email us on [email protected]

You can add products by 3 ways:

  1. In Virtooal's Admin in Products listing by "Add new product" button
  2. In Virtooal's Admin upload an xml feed and add all products at once (most recommended and easiest).
  3. From Virtooal's Admin Settings page use the Admin code to set up your products directly from your site product's admin. Paste the Admin code or ask your webmaster to place it to your product's back end page and replace the {product id or sku} programmatically with your product ID.

If you have any troubles with adding a product, just contact us on [email protected]

If your products are already added/imported in our admin, you can set them up.

Make-up products:

  1. In Products listing click on product. On product page click on the product image or color wheel and choose the right color for your product.
  2. Click Publish and Save.

Other products:

  1. Upload product image and set it up on our model picture (resize, move, rotate or cut the white background with our tools).
  2. Click Publish and Save.

The best results can be achieved by PNG images with transparent background, otherwise you will have to use a photo editing software (like photoshop, etc) or our simple built in background removal tool to remove the white background around the product.

If you have any troubles with setting up a product, just contact us on [email protected] we can set up 5 products for free for you.

Of course, you can order the product integration from our admin, our professionals will do it for you.

In product listing select all the products which you would like to integrate and click on Order integration.

  1. Do you have a mirror code on your product's front end page?
  2. Is your replaced Product Id match with the Product id uploaded in our admin?
  3. Is your product published in our admin?

If the answers didn't help you, just contact us on [email protected] we will make it work.

It's possible to make it work by your product's url, in this case please contact us on [email protected] we will make it work for you.
  • Just write us an email on [email protected]
  • We set you up a free account
  • please include your link to your XML feed if you have
  • We will set it up and send you the code to embed or help you with placing the mirror into your product's front end.
Yes, you can. Our professionals have done it countless times with 100 percent satisfaction. They are top notch IT professionals, with many years of experience.
Each new product you add, can be integrated. For cosmetics it takes around 10-20 seconds. For eyeglasses and fashion accessories and all other a bit longer, and we fully support product integration.

Yes, we have our dedicated apps for these platforms:

Our virtual try-on software is also easily installed in any other platform just by adding a script and some html snippets. If you haven't got a developer we can do it for you for free.

Big Mirror

A complex multiplatform and multidevice product visualization solution.
Unlike Magic Mirror, here your customers can try all your products on one page. A huge advantage of the Big Mirror is that it's possible to try multiple products at once. Decorative cosmetics, apparel, fashion accessories, eyeglasses, lenses are all covered.

The Big Mirror can be placed on the product listing/catalog page, product page or on a new page as a standalone app

Integragion of Big Mirror

For integration please follow the steps for Magic Mirror. If you integrate your products once, those will be available for both mirrors.

Only placing the embed code differs. This code you need to place just on some single page (for example yourdomain.com/mirror)


<iframe src="//mirror.virtooal.com/app/{your API key}/{your username}?c={color}&l={language}" width="100%" height="660" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" id="virtooal-mirror"></iframe>
<script src="//mirror.virtooal.com/assets/js/widget.js"></script>

All parenthesises will be replaced automatically, as you set up your settings and copy the code from your user account admin on virtooal.com - Big Mirror code.

This mirror can be placed in the catalog front-end page (list of the products) but also on the product front-end page. Example of virtual mirror here

The mirror is suitable also for responsive desktop & mobile sites. On mobile the mirror is hidden by default, and after click on Try On button, the mirror will open to fullscreen.

Code integration

Mirror Code

Should be placed before </body> end tag

<div id="virtooal-mirror-fix-container"><div id="virtooal-mirror-fix-content"><div id="virtooal-mirror-title"></div><div id="virtooal-mirror-fix-iframe"></div></div></div>
var virtooalMirrorSettings = {
userName: "{your username}",
apiKey: "{your API key}",
mirrorWidth: 260,
lang: "en",
title: "Virtual Mirror",
titleLeft: "Virtual",
titleRight: "Mirror",
color: "E20074",
color2: "E20074",
side: "left",
maxContentWidth: 0,
marginFromContent: 10,
} </script>
<script src="https://mirror.virtooal.com/assets/js/widget.js"></script>
<script src="https://mirror.virtooal.com/assets/js/crossmirror.php"></script>

All parenthesises will be replaced automatically, as you set up your settings and copy the code from your user account admin on virtooal.com. It is possible to customize the the color, width, language and other parameters, except the userName and apiKey.

Try On Button

Under every product we suggest to add a Try on button. It can be any html element (for example <button>), styled by you.

This element must have a class=”virtooal-tryon-btn” and attribute data-virtooal_id=”{product id or sku}”, where {product id or sku} must be replaced programatically with your product ID.

We also suggest to add to button a style=”display:none”, so the button will be hidden by default, and when our script detects that the product is set up in the mirror, it will make the button visible on your site.


If you need any help with matching your design with our apps, to change the models or need some special functions, we are here to help. Just email us at [email protected] and we will team up with you to make your app look great and unique!

Compatible with all e-shops
Also works with ecommerce platforms:

Shopify Magento


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